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About Us

The Vardy Property Group was set up in May 2006 to focus on direct commercial property development, investment and specialist development lending.

While Vardy Property Group is a new company, it has a wealth of experience in property acquisition and development, going back over 30 years. The team has been actively involved in building of a 100 strong dealership network with a development pipeline of 30m per annum at Reg Vardy plc. The Group therefore has extensive in-house expertise in acquisition, development and the asset management of a mixed use portfolio.

Making the move to direct property investment and development as a core business allows much greater flexibility in approach to new opportunities.

As well as direct investment and development, we have a flexible approach to funding and joint venture arrangements and our aim is to create a balanced portfolio of investment and development stock of 100million in the medium term.

Focusing on collective investments and limited partnerships, we believe partnership is the key to achieving openness and lasting relationships