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Privacy and Cookie Policy


All personal information collected and used by this site will be processed in accordance the 1998 Data Protection Act. It is our policy only to collect data to enable us to provide extra valuable functionality on this website to improve your experience here. We are focused on developing and providing new services and featured that improve the experience for the user all the time and the data we collect helps us to develop and refine these.
We respect your privacy and confirm that we will never pass your details to a third party other than times when we have been requested by you to do so.

Data Collection

Users of this site may be invited to provide their email address in order to receive services or additional functionality. This information typically takes the form of an email address but can include any of the following types of data.
  • Email address, name, physical address, telephone number or other contact details that you provide us to help us keep in contact with you
  • Transactional information you give us or may be generated by your activities on your website or in any account
  • Chat details or feedback given via any reviews, social media or feedback forms
  • Computer data such as IP, browser information, web log information, and page view stats

All this information will just be used the site owner for the sole purpose of helping you the user. The site may pass such information to their sales team who might make contact to clarify your requirements and help you. Email addresses will be placed in a database until such time as you decide to remove it whereupon it will be deleted.


Cookies are small text files (a unique identification code) that are placed on your computer by the sites you visit. There are two types of cookies:

First Party Cookies:

These Cookies are added by us to help facilitate your use of the website. The cookies are widely used in order to provide you with additional functionality that will give you a richer experience and also save you time re-entering data/information/preferences etc.

Third Party Cookies:

They are used in two different cases:
Firstly to help us improve the functionality of the website and learn what you are interested in based upon the pages you visit and the actions you take. This will enable us to track and monitor parts of the website and enhance the site based upon the areas that receive the greatest interest and traffic. These Cookies help us to develop the website and produce new content and services based upon aggregated data. These Cookies do not enable us to identify you. Secondly are the cookies found in other companies internet tools that are needed to provide the functionality they provide. Popular services like Google Maps, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube etc all have their own cookies that are controlled by them.